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National Whiteline Picket Held On Internment Weekend

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association held a Whiteline Picket in support of current Republican Prisoners this afternoon (Sat 6th August). The national picket, which was support by Republican activists from across Ireland, was organised to coincide with internment weekend and highlighted the continued use of British internment in 2022. The case of Jason CeulemansContinue reading “National Whiteline Picket Held On Internment Weekend”

Anti-Extradition Boards Erected In Belfast

Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association activists were out this week erecting Anti-Extradition boards in Ardoyne, North Belfast. Our Anti-Extradition campaign has been on-going for a number of years and with the continued attempts to extradite Cork Republican Sean Walsh this campaign will escalate. Don’t Extradite Sean Walsh!

Internment & Extradition Highlighted In England

Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association activists based in England have been highlighting the ongoing targeting of Republican activists via the use of Internment and Extradition. The cases of Jason Ceulemans and Sean Walsh were highlighted in both Liverpool and Blackpool. Derry Republican, Jason Ceulemans is currently interned following the revocation of his early release licence,Continue reading “Internment & Extradition Highlighted In England”

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