Davy Jordan – The attempted murder of Dr Issam Hijjawi

The following piece has been written by Republican Prisoner, Davy Jordan, following the recent actions of the MI5 led Maghaberry regime towards Dr Issam Hijjawi.

“On Saturday 9th of October Palestinian Political Prisoner Dr Issam Hijjawi, who is currently under administrative detention in the illegal occupation’s Maghaberry Gaol, suffered a tragic devastating life-changing heart attack that due to the lack of care was tantamount to attempted murder.

Dr Issam has since been informed that part of his heart muscles are dead due to this attack.

This nefarious incident comes in a week when we witnessed the nauseating spectacle of the illegal occupation and their allies holding what they styled as “religious service” for “Prisoners Week”, in Clonard Monastery.

The illegal occupation’s so called Minister of Justice, Naomi Long and the so called N.I.P.S’ Ronnie Armour were joined by representatives of Churches who have consistently supported and facilitated the Status Quo. It comes as no surprise that the venue was Clonard Monastery, a favoured conduit of the illegal occupation.

This spectacle becomes even more sickening when facts emerged that Dr Issam was left in extreme agony, allowed to lay in unbearable pain, locked in his cell as the illegal occupation’s “N.I.P.S.” deployed dogs outside his cell without having consulted with their supervisors about what to do.

Dr Issam had to suffer six hours of life-threatening pain as the illegal occupations gaolers debated what to do, some even suggesting to Dr Issam that the unbearable pain that he was so clearly experiencing was a result of the medication that he has been taking.

It is evident that the decision that could have cost Dr Issam’s life and in fact has resulted in some of his very heart muscles dying was being deferred to those whose political bias overrides someone’s very life.

There is no doubt that the shadowy, unaccountable, discredited MI5 was informed and it was only when they gave approval was Dr Issam moved to an outside hospital despite the clear and present danger to his life.”

Davy Jordan
Republican Prisoner

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